Saturday, 2 December 2006

Finds of the week

As usual this week, most of my favourite purchases have been thrift finds, although I had a lovely surprise when the Tower of Doom arrived in the post and turned out to be not the plastic monstrosity I had feared, but a rather nice painted wooden toy. Even the set of characters that came with it '('The Bad Guys') have been well made and with a good dose of humour! The boys are going to go wild on Christmas morning...

Anyway, three garage sales this week delivered some nice vintage children's books including this 1960s book with great illustrations:

And I was pleased with this great little Peanuts book from 1962, which has gorgeous colours and a really nice format:

I also unearthed a huge pile of Japanese papers, about 24 packs. I can't resist the mini-prints on these! I have taken a few for my studio but the majority will be in the new art room I am setting up in the garden for the boys and I to play in (watch this space!)

I always look out for vintage handicraft books from the 60s and 70s - scored some good ones this week, which I will enjoy reading, as much for inspiration as for the memories they bring back of growing up in the 70s!

And finally I bought a stunning 1950s fabric on eBay - about 4 metres of this beauty, which will go in my stash and may well appear in the Lark 2007 range, which I have just started working on:

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