Monday, 18 December 2006

New things!

Lots of vintage finds to report this week.

Firstly, some pretty fabrics from a garage sale in Daylesford.

And a super book about printing by hand, with some really fab designs.

A collection of 1960s beer mats with cute sayings! The vintage wallpaper in the background was also a garage sale find.

I also found a vintage Fisher Price bus, complete with driver and all its passengers.

I found this a little while ago but couldn't resist showing it off - a pretty and pristine 50s tablecloth. The colours are so gorgeous, I can't stop looking at it (must find a table to fit!).

And vintage labels to add to my collection.

And finally, some VERY cute old playing cards!


kate said...

You're little bus of people made my heart melt. We used to have one of those as a kid. My sister called them "my people", what a great find!!!

modmom said...

oooooh i want to read that printing book + see those illustrated drink mats up close. do you ever scan pictures? i've just started scanning + uploading books to my flickr account to share. i just uploaded it's a small world + you can read it. it's linked on my blog.