Thursday, 8 February 2007

I have been feeling a little blue lately. My baby has started school, my house is constantly filled with tradesmen doing one thing or another, none of the rooms are finished, I've been feeling poorly myself, and yesterday, to cap it all off, the doctor said that Jacob needs to have an ultrasound as his persistent tummy ache could be a hernia (he's only 5!).

So it came as a surprise to have had a brilliant and very happy day today. Jacob went off happily to school and Jules and I did a bear hunt in the garden, looking for hidden teddies. The new floor in the living room and kitchen is nearly finished. I've received no less than six emails from various Lark customers to say that they love our stuff, and then... I go to the post office and waiting for me is the most beautiful parcel of goodies from Tanya in France!

She has put together an amazing box of Lily & Agathe treats for me, including vintage French children's books, an old seaside pail which will grace the boys' new bathroom, soaps that look like ice lollies, tiny knitted chocolates, a pretty doll, a brooch, sewing things, notebooks and lots of other lovelies. What a wonderful webshop, and what a super friend she is!

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Calamity Tat said...

The pleasures all mine girlfriend xx