Friday, 16 February 2007

In January's edition of Easy Living magazine (UK) there is a really good article about the lack of guilt-free 'Me Time' once you have kids. One part made me laugh out loud and I just have to share it:

My friend Hannah believes competition for Me Time is the ultimate relationship grenade: "It must be the biggest cause of arguments between parents who have children." My extensive research shows that it has ever been thus. At my children's bedtime, my enjoyment of Topsy & Tim Go Fishing (published in 1963) is vastly increased by the lively subtext, as Mum and Dad battle to offload their offspring on to the other. On one page, Dad is hiding behind a newspaper, telling the twins that they can't go fishing because they haven't got nets. On the next page: "Mummy cut the feet from a pair of old stockings. She sewed these onto loops of wire and fixed them to two sticks. 'These are your fishing nets,' she said. 'Dad will take you fishing now.'" I'm guessing you're able to picture the look on Dad's face.

Who's never been guilty of this? Hee hee. I've scanned in a picture of Mum with her 'fishing nets' from my copy of the book. Doesn't she look pleased with herself for coming up with a great way to get some valuable Me Time? Good to know things haven't changed...!

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Colleen said...

Ha! That picture sums up my life these days. A boy. A girl. And a mom trying to pawn them off on their father. Love it!