Sunday, 29 April 2007

A wonderful few days! We spent my birthday in Kyneton, a charming country town not far from where we live. Lots of cool shops - children's boutiques, organic delis - have sprung up there in the last year and it is a very pleasant place to spend a morning, but it also has some fiercely good charity shops and I couldn't resist adding to my collection a 1950s tea set and a number of vintage tea towels, cake stands and children's books.

For Paul's birthday the boys and I gave him 40 gifts, mainly home-made bits and pieces, but also some special things and a few novelties like a garden gnome, a whoopee cushion, a 1970s Airfix kit and some temporary tattoos. We had a birthday tea party and Jules and I made 40 cupcakes, decorated with Love Hearts (thanks Pip!).

We had a gorgeous dinner with friends at The Grande, a recently refreshed restaurant and hotel in Hepburn. It is beautiful and has a tiny cinema downstairs that we're planning to visit soon. Everything is vintage, including a lovely art deco bar. And divine Turkish-inspired food. If you visit Daylesford you must dine at The Grande!

But our celebrations didn't stop there! Our birthdays co-incided with the annual Italian Festa in our town. Daylesford and Hepburn have a Swiss-Italian heritage and there are always lots of celebrations at harvest time. This weekend we joined in the Town Parade with the other families from the pre-school and primary school, we ate polenta and pizza and watched bocce, we saw fireworks and - best of all - we saw the Circo Fantastice Grande, a trio of children's circus groups from Daylesford, Smeaton and Melbourne that knocked us out, it was amazing! Jacob was particularly inspired and has been practising balancing acts with Rita (his cat) in the bathroom!

So a wonderful few days, made even more special because our Tea Towel was reviewed by Michi Girl (on my birthday!) and we were inundated with Lark orders. Hurrah for special days, friends, charity shops, the circus and good food!


Biby Cletus said...

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Warm Regards

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kate said...

great loot! happy birthday!

Meet Me at Mikes said...

Yay Yay Yay for birthdays! Oooh those cakes look LOVELY! Sounds like the best weekend ever! It was my Max's 11th birthday on Sunday.. so we had much love and happiness floating about the place too.. sigh! xx pip

Violet & Rose said...

I was only just reading somewhere last week about Kyneton and thought we must get up there. Sounds good. And your weekend sounds just fantastic.

Azma said...

Sounds like a great weekend and I love your teaset!

modmom said...

happy birthday!
i added the lark to my mother's day blogroll a few days ago, but oops, i didn't have the hyphen + it linked to some depressed guys sad blog :)