Friday, 29 June 2007

Dana has tagged me to list my five favouite eateries. Since I live in a town where there are twice as many cafes as shops, this is not hard. Here are my top five suggestions for anyone visiting Daylesford...

Best Coffee: Muffy's on Albert Street. This is where the locals go for down-to-earth service, great coffee (the cheapest in town) and nice home-baked muffins and pies. You can buy takeaway or eat in - the cafe has a retro feel and there are children's books and newspapers.

Best for a Special Night Out: The Grande at Hepburn Springs. I have mentioned The Grande before, it is a beautfully restored old house with an art deco bar, a tiny basement cinema and a delightful menu. Really perfect for a dinner with friends or a romantic date.

Best for Kids: The Food Gallery on Vincent Street. It's a spacious cafe with lots of food options, top milkshakes, smoothies and juices and the best range of cakes and cookies in town. The staff are friendly (if a little overstretched sometimes) and you can usually find colouring books and pencils near the counter. Open till 6pm.

Best for Saturday Mornings: A pretty 10-minute drive from Daylesford towards Malmsbury is the Glenlyon General Store. This is a beautiful old store right on the edge of the forest that has been renovated and brought back to life with a slightly contemporary edge. It has a great cafe (with children's books and toys), really nice staff, and anyone who likes vintage design will love the place. Nice to visit on Saturday mornings and read the papers with a coffee.

Best Out-Of-Town Trip: I also wanted to mention Kyneton. It's worth a visit for the lovely crafty/design shops on Piper Street and some good thrift shops. It can be hard to find a good cafe here but I always lunch at Quintessence (35 High Street), a cosy, bistro-type place where the food is hearty, excellent and good value. If you're in town of an evening there's also a decent pizza restaurant opposite Quintessence but the name escapes me.

If you are planning to visit Daylesford soon it's worth coming mid-week as it's quieter and lots of the cafes and restaurants offer 'local's specials', so you can eat well on the cheap.


AnastasiaC said...

they all sound great...sounds like lots of eateries in Daylesford - nice!!!

Dana said...

can't wait to try them all out when i come up in August! x