Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I have to tell you about these wellies I bought for Jules a while ago. It's really hard to find attractive wellies for boys, especially here in Australia, so I was thrilled when I came across this pair in a groovy rainbow design.

Jules loves the wellies and has worn them every day for a month now, receiving lots of admiration for them at nursery and when we go shopping. Besides looking very cool, the wellies SMELL LIKE SWEETIES! The cotton lining is infused with a candy smell and they come packaged with a little bottle of the scent so you can top up the smell. What a neat idea!

I did some digging around and discovered that they are made by a new 'mumtrepreneur' business called Smelly Welly in Western Australia. The wellies come in all sorts of flavours and you can even buy anklets (strings of pretend sweeties, of course!) to accessorize them. Check them out here.


Victoria May Plum said...

Hi, I've just come across your blog through the comments page on Fabric of my life.
I have just spent forever looking through your gorgeous website, I can't possibly choose what to buy first! I love it all. My little girl Pebbles certainly needs one of those cute smocks, she is 'attractively feral' and needs smartening up!
I am definitely going to give your website a mention on my blog, I bet that there are so many mums like me who would love your stuff.
Victoria x
sorry, very long comment x

Rodrigo said...
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luv Abby said...

Kool wellies....I will be grabbing some when my little handsome starts walking.... not long now...
luv Abby