Tuesday, 12 June 2007

My knitted Ice Creams are all finished and ready to fly out to shops in sunny England. It feels weird to be making ice creams when it is currently very chilly here in Australia and I am sitting wrapped up in a scarf and sweater! The ice creams are available in three flavours (strawberry, pistachio and chocolate) and can be made with or without a rattle. When my new website goes live (very soon!) they 'll be available for sale there as well. Brrr, I'm off for a mug of hot cocoa!


Violet & Rose said...

Pure genius! Love them! And we had ice creams on Sunday and it was freezing.

Louise said...

Hi Allison, ooh I love those icecreams - what a great idea! Your teatowel is fantastic and will be perfect hanging in my kitchen - no one is going to put their hands or dishes near it!! I am going through some interesting times with my 5 year old daughter at the moment and I need all the calm reminders I can get!! Well done on gettting your work overseas, your're a real inspiration!