Saturday, 7 July 2007

This is Jacob's room.

It is the first room to be decorated in our house. Over the last nine months we've been renovating the whole place and finally the painters are here to put some colour on to the plasterboard walls. It's been a huge project - two old houses brought together, moving around bathrooms, building a laundry, replacing windows, replastering almost every wall - so I am VERY excited to at last be looking at paint swatches and thinking about where our stuff will go!

This is the colour scheme for the main living area and hallway - whilst renovating we found many old Victorian wallpapers beneath the plaster, and this new paper is very reminiscent of one of them. I love it and can't wait to see it go up!


Violet & Rose said...

Love the world map! And the blanket on the bed. And that wallpaper is divine. But cutest of all, is Jacob.

posiepatchwork said...

OH, such paint your wall envy. After spending 10 years in Army Housing, I'm hanging fabric stretched over canvases, just to add some colour. Love the colour scheme, very Victorian with a modern twist. Is Jacob map crazy?? Our Brigh loves her Atlas, it's her most treasured possession. While I can't say the smoke alarm has woken up lately, I have been woken by her telling me that she's just discovered that there are Suni Muslims in the Cocoas Islands. Not sure I care at 7a.m. on a school holiday morning. Love Posie

AnastasiaC said...

love his room!!! totally cool map
and that wallpaper...swoon swoon!