Monday, 27 August 2007

A freshly 'baked' tray of Lark cupcakes!

These tasty treats will be in the Genki Happy Springtime Caravan, a unique exhibition taking place in Melbourne next Tuesday and Wednesday. The caravan will be full of wonderful items to be auctioned off in aid of the Melbourne City Mission. Find out more here.


belleandboo said...

I just discovered you were selling Keep calm tea towels, I'm pretty obsessed by that saying at the moment and had to buy 2 !!!
I think I need it made into curtains and bed spreads and dresses!
oh and the paper house you made is gorgeous

posiepatchwork said...

Hey Lark, what a cute collection of delicious fat free treats!! Love the Lark page in the previous post too. Oh, just spied the vintage story book Tina - that is the name of the gorgeous lady behind Sweet Pea Collection. Her necklaces are amazing, but if you met or got a glimpse of Tina, it's all part of her effortless glamour. Love Posie

Nicki said...

Just stumbled across your blog. I used to shop at Lark and Ducky Lucky before you moved. Pleased to see life in Oz is treating you well and business is booming!

kootoyoo said...

Your tray of cupcakes looks delicious!!

boobook said...

I saw your tray of cupcakes in the caravan last night...Everyone was wishing that they were real they look that good!