Monday, 10 September 2007

All you market girls / daytrippers out there might like to know that there is a new craft market at Creswick (between Ballarat and Daylesford) on the first Sunday of each month from 10-3. As it's close to my home, I took a stall at the first one and it was a really nice, laid-back day. I didn't sell much, it's a brand new market, but I really enjoyed a day out on my own chatting to like-minded crafty people. Of course, being me, I spent more than I earnt, and I came home with some gorgeous handmade soaps in the shape of seed pods from Cossé and a pretty button necklace from The Button Lady's Daughter (that's her name - her mum was a button expert). Here it is, along with some cute vintage buttons I also couldn't resist buying from her.

Also in the photo is a Children's Button Bracelet from Violet & Rose . These are handmade by Jo in Melbourne using vintage fabric scraps and the cutest buttons from her vast collection. Jo has made a little batch especially for me and they will soon be listed on my British website, as I think these will go down a treat with my UK customers. Aren't they gorgeous? I wish I had a little girl to wear one of these!

Also this week I have been up to my usual thrifting, in Castlemaine, Kyneton and at the Mill Markets in Daylesford, where I found this amazing 1950s dress, made from a beautiful printed cotton.

And a little girl's kilt dress, just like I used to wear when I was three, in 1971!

Also some cute tins, swap cards and vintage children's books including these...

Here is a page from one of the books I found, which really made me smile! (I love ironing).

And thanks Angela for these photos of the Genki Springtime Caravan. You can see my tray of cupcakes next to the sink, and Angela's Miss Buttons up above! The contents of the caravan were auctioned off last week and the proceeds went to the Melbourne City Mission.


Lee-ann said...

Allison it was so lovely to get home tonight and see you have already visited my blog :)

I have just spend the past half hour (as one does!) looking around your blog and your shop and I love everything it is wonderful to see and now I have a better idear of the "bits" you are looking for so when I am back in my regular job (outback! "I get to open all the boxes!" well I guess someone has too!!) I will be sure to watch out for treasures for you.

I would love some of my other blogger friends to see your blog and shop so if it is ok! in a couple of weeks I will pop in a link back to you and tell them "if you don't go to see you will miss out not only on a lovely lady but stunning creations.

My regards to Paul ~ enjoying the book I am sure right about now.

see you again soon.

Violet & Rose said...

Oooh, what a lovely post! Thank you for the mention. The bracelet looks right at home with the necklace, which, by the way, is just gorgeous. I have fallen in love with the beautiful dress. Will you wear it? And the genki caravan! Wish I had have had a chance to see it. And bid. Fantastic stuff.

Cathy said...

I remember those little kilt dresses. All your stuff looks gorgeous. Good luck with the new market. I will let my friends know who live up that way that it is on.

modmom said...

cutest caravan ever!
+ i LOVE the ironing girl :)

arthur's circus said...

Your cupcakes look yummy in such a great location. I wish I had made it to the city to see in person....I've delved deeper into your blog and website and have found many a similar like and idea. It's quite amazing....I'm also very jealous of your regular second hand finds. That fabric is gorgeous.

AnastasiaC said...

your cupcakes are adorable!!!
love your vintage dress - what a great find...!
you know how much I love vintage illos...Irene Ironing...that was me last night - gosh I hate ironing!!!
Jo's button bracelets are super sweet!

scribbler said...

I love your site. Very cool look and stuff.

posiepatchwork said...

All so beautiful, as always Allison. Love the Sindy book, my best friend calls herself Sindy, as she's a gorgeous looking girl come bank director, & men don't know how to take her seriously, so she doesn't either (in a bar setting, not work of course) & calls herself Sindy (as per blog link Sindy in London off mine). Beautiful. That Genki Caravan, OMG, incredible!! Love Posie

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