Wednesday, 19 September 2007

On Sunday we met up with friends at the Talbot Farmers Market. I had been looking forward to it - the market is well-known as the best farmer's market in the region, and it lived up to my expectations.

I saw around sixty local producers with their yummy food - breads, cupcakes, organic veggies, honey, European pastries, black tomatoes, home-grown flowers, wine and lots more. I stocked up on Janey Bee Cinnamon Bumble Bee Biscuits - Janey lives near Daylesford and I always look out for her delicious home-baked goodies!

Jules and I were assigned to buy the bread and cakes, and we managed to fit in lots of tasting!

Talbot is a picturesque country town and the whole market had a nice vibe, with friendly sellers, music and sunshine.

Best of all for me, alongside the food stalls were several garage sales and lots of second-hand stalls with vintage goodies.

After we shopped the kids had a picnic in the playground, stuffing their faces on pastries and strawberries. Later, at home, Jules and I made a tortilla with some of the eggs we had bought. I'm always amazed at the difference between local, free-range eggs and the ones you buy at the supermarket. The eggs were a dazzling yellow and they tasted just like I remember eggs tasting when I was little!

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Annie said...

Loved hearing about the Farmers Market. I was at the Sunraysia's Farmers Market last weekend