Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The craft fairy was in Daylesford today! I don't usually get excited about our local op shops (see below) but while Jacob was getting a haircut today I snuck into the MS Shop and unearthed someone's lifetime collection of crafty patterns! My stash included hundreds of embroidery transfers and applique designs from the 1950s - 1970s.

Some of the mod appliques are really fab, I love them.

Some good craft books that I've never seen before.

Ovr 65 Golden Hands books for 20 cents each!

And also some vintage knitting patterns and 1950s curtains that I forgot to photograph. I couldn't believe it, and I also found lots of lovely old children's books of course.

As it's school holidays I thought I might write a post about thrifting in Daylesford, for any vintage-lovers planning to visit during the break, so here are my top tips:

Junk Style on Vincent Street: it's tucked away above a staid-looking antiques shop in the heart of Vincent Street, just look for the sign and head up the stairs to vintage heaven. Junk Style is a fab little shop selling gorgeous old furniture that has a shabby, lived-in look - think overstuffed floral armchairs, art deco dressing tables, 1960s bar stools and vintage suitcases. I bought a pair of 1950s upholstered chairs just last week for only $70 each, and a while ago I found a set of vintage drawers covered in an original old linen roses fabric for only $100. The shop shares its space with two other stores, Absinthe (new clothes made from vintage fabrics) and a shop full of Indonesian goodies and retro sofas. Don't miss it, this is the best!

Garage Sales: grab a copy of the Advocate (free from the local supermarkets) and scan the classifieds for garage sales. There are always at least two or three on a Saturday morning and sometimes they can be pretty good. You'll need a map, though, as sometimes they are very much off-the-beaten-track. There are lots of churches in Dayelsford too, with regular 'trash and treasure' sales, these are fantastic, great for finding old china, linens, jars and books, so if you see a sign for one, stop that car!!

The Mill: this is a huge barn full of vintage/second-hand/craft stalls. On Central Springs Road, heading out towards Ballarat. It's great for books, small stuff like vintage tins and aprons, and vintage clothes, but at the moment I'm looking for lots of furniture and it's a bit disappointing in that respect. There's a groovy cafe, though, so it's a good place to have lunch, and there's also plenty of room for kids to run about.

New store without a name: this is exciting news, a new vintage store just opened around the corner from me on Vincent Street, you'll find it leaving town towards Hepburn Springs (on the right-hand side just past the big hardware store). It's kind of a breakaway from the Mill, some stall-holders have opened up a new place selling lot of old stuff, vintage clothes, pinball machines, bric-a-brac. It's small and friendly, I like it!

Op shops: there's only Vinnies and the MS Society, both are just behind the main street. Sadly, Vinnies is very lacking in anything pre-1980 (I check regularly, the eternal optimist, but the best thing I ever found was one 1970s embroidery book). The MS Shop is a little better (see above, I was lucky today!), but if you want to find good op shops, head to Kyneton (or even Castlemaine or Bendigo).

Newlyn Antiques: ok it's not in Daylesford, but Newlyn antiques is only a 15-minute drive towards Ballarat and is well worth the short drive. The owners are a lovely couple who run his-and-hers shops, with their own house in the middle of the two! His shop is full of fine furniture with impeccable taste. Hers is more a cosy little cottage, with rooms stuffed full of old armchairs, vintage signs, tea sets, kitchenalia, tools, and old novels. I have made some great finds here, including a huge old wicker laundry basket and a 1930s standard lamp base (just last week). There's also a shed full of waiting-to-be-repaired wooden furniture at bargain prices. This is such a friendly place to shop, the owners love to chat, and if you are a gardener there is a pretty nursery at the back which is full of pear trees, olive trees and almond tress at the moment.

Daylesford can sometimes appear a bit overpriced and stuffy (and there are certainly some ridiculously priced antique shops in town), but as you can see there are also loads of good places for thrifty vintage shoppers and it really is worth a day trip from Melbourne or a leisurely weekend trip!


three buttons said...

Wow! I love the transfers!! and the children's books. And the Golden Hands books!! Divine! What fantastic finds : )

Jodie said...

What gorgeous finds ! Do you know there is now a little brochure for all the Ballarat op-shops? I saw it just yesterday, would you like one?

leslie said...

wow, you indeed had a great day! and thanks so much for the list/reviews of the some local shops, i'm actually heading to bendigo this weekend and was thinking about taking my father-in-law to daylesford on saturday for lunch and a little drive - now i have an extra reason!

Kirsty said...

I am SOOO jealous of your transfer pickup.

Lily and Agathe said...

Right up your street so to speak!

LouLou said...

Oh I am jealous of all those gorgeous transfers - the elephant looks seriously cute!!!

AlexandraHere said...

Wow! I love to find retro finds! I get so excited when I find things like those transfers! I just got lucky with a pair of retro bar stools! :)

Lazy cow said...

Thanks for the op shop/vintage roundup. I'm coming to Daylesford the week after the school holidays (when it's much quieter!) for a week with my kids. So nice to have some 'new' shops to investigate along with our visits to Lavandula.

posiepatchwork said...

Wow, what a find, seriously - all during a little boy's hair cut?? See, those kind of goodies have to go to someone who will cherish them as much as you Allison. Just read your interview on Lily&Agathe, it was fantastic. Love Posie

Meet Me at Mikes said...

This is JUST the sort of find that keeps us going back to op-shops, huh?! I am so PLEASED for you.. it's all just your cup of tea, huh?! You must have gone home and put the kettle on and just pored over it all! Thanks for you ace guide to Daylesford thrift! Let me know if you spot a beautiful old shop cabinet in your travels! And thanks again for the best prezzie! xx pip