Sunday, 21 October 2007

1. Gap-toothed people. My partner has a gap and our oldest son has inherited it (for his milk teeth, at least). I often find gap-toothed people quite charming. Several of my best friends are gappy. My younger son and I don't have a gap in our teeth. But we do have a gap between our big toes and the next toes. Aren't genes weird?

2. A day out shopping with Angela, visiting all her favourite shops around Melbourne and of course, being us, chancing on a church garage sale! We both came away with vintage Christmas lights and old books.

3. Receiving in the mail these beautiful hand-made shoes for Jules. They are from Chook Leaf in Mornington, who were our lovely neighbours at the trade fair in August. Rie and Guthrie design these exquisite shoes and they are made by a family in Bali. Look how beautifully they were packaged:

It is so difficult to find beautiful children's shoes at a reasonable price, so I really recommend that you look out for Chook Leaf - you can find their website HERE.

4. Vintage ric rac on my ironing board, ready to be sewn onto cushions for Lily & Agathe.

5. Red Beard Bakery. This traditional bakery is in Trentham, near Daylesford, and they have a huge old Scotch Oven that they use to make their breads, which have names like 'Brunette', 'Red Head' and 'Carmen Miranda'.

They also make delicious cookies and - my favourite - 'Nice Buns', with orange and sultanas and stuff. Yumm. We had a lovely brunch in their bakery café yesterday and, by chance, I got talking to the owner, who it turns out I used to work with in Melbourne, about 14 years ago, in the days when I was working in book publishing. It was nice to meet someone else who has been crazy enough to pack it all in and follow their dream!

6. Sunshine. The sun is finally shining on Daylesford!


posiepatchwork said...

Oh, don't forget Madonna is the gappiest of them all. We have one gappy girl, MiMi. It only adds to appeal of platinum locks & husky voice. Her gap is first generation, but she always has been incredibly original. Even freakier, she is missing a tooth in her large smiley mouth & her twin sister has a TWIN TOOTH in the same spot. Twin genetics are plain freaky!! Personally, i like that all 4 of our off spring scored dimples.
Those shoes are gorgeous & what a fantastic price too.
Oh, to shop with a guru who shares your passion, what a lovely day out.
Glad the sun is shining in Daylesford, we're almost into our Wet Season, even with a light sprinkle at Nightcliff Markets yesterday. I love it, as the temperature drops & people start saying "it smells like rain".
Love Posie

Jodie said...

The sun was a bit of a shock on the weekend !!! Lovely shoes and that ric-rac is killing me.

Meet Me at Mikes said...

Oh.. you do make me smile! What lovely things you have posted! The shoes are supercute.. I wish they were my size! And the ric-rac is happy and wiggly... And wasn't it warm on the weekend!? xx pip

zoesquid said...

Love the shoes, the sun and the gaps. Im married to a gappy chap and both my gorgeous girls have inherited the gene.I was once told that a gap between ones teeth was a sign of wealth. I shouldnt have fallen for that! Although I must add Im certainly rich in happiness! Thanks for a lovely post.