Friday, 26 October 2007


Yes, the thrift fairy is still working her magic! Here are my finds from the past week or so:

A pile of vintage Twinings tea tins. My friend Jackie has had some of these in her kitchen for years and I thought I wouldn't mind some in my re-vamped kitchen too - so I looked on eBay. Nothing. Then lo and behold, on Saturday I visited the Trentham community op shop and there they were, just waiting for me at 20 cents each!

Lovely vintage children's books from Castlemaine Salvos.

And more, this time from Trentham again.

This is a nice story - for a while now I have been going to the Talbot farmer's market every month. There is a little community library there, in a church, and they open it up for craft and book sales when the market is on. I spotted on the library shelves some months ago a row of vintage Ladybird books in beautiful condition. They weren't for sale, but every month I would go in and look admiringly at them, thinking how they had been there for at least 30 years and were so well-cared for. I am a huge fan and collector of Ladybird books, so I notice these things!

Anyway last Sunday at the market, I was about to pop in and visit 'my' Ladybird books, when the lady who runs the book stall came out with the very books and put them out for sale on the stall. I couldn't quite believe it, after 30 years I just happened to be there at the very moment they were being cleared out. It was clearly meant to be! Op shop karma! I brought the books home to add to my much-loved collection. I photographed just a few but there are lots more too. Sigh!

Vintage fabrics, picked up in various places recently, for a new toy project I am working on.

A beautiful length of vintage children's cotton fabric and a cute sewing pattern, found at a local garage sale.

Lovely vintage trims in an old biscuit tin.

Old Mills & Boon novels - I love the covers on these vintage romances.

A Swinging London biscuit tin, found in the antique shop in Creswick. I love this tin, it has scenes of Carnaby Street, the Apple Boutique, Eros, girls in mini skirts, long-haired buskers, fab clothes shops with names like 'Lord Kitchener's Valet', English taverns, and a rather mundane shot of an old lady at a fruit and veg stall. Every time I look at this, the Austin Powers tune plays in my head. Groovy, Baby!


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Oh my gosh. This made me a bit teary. Look at all those lovely things. So pleased for you.. I bet you can't stop looking at them all! So happy your Ladybirds waited for you! You are the Ladybird Lady, after all. Wishing you lots and lots more oppy-goodness! xx pip

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I have one of those tins in blue, it was my grandmothers. I love it, but it is also covered with sparkle nail polish on one side left over from my teen age years. Oops!

arthur's circus said...

Oh my wonderful for you (and so jealous am I) many wondrous books, fabrics etc.
Congratulations on the lady birds, definitely meant to be.

Donna said...

How lovely Allison. I sometimes I think that my much loved Grandmother, who was a thrift queen like us, watches over me and 'guides' me to the things I find. Those Ladybird books were just waiting for you weren't they?

zoesquid said...

Seriously good finds. Great job.

posiepatchwork said...

Oh Allison, what a score!! Like Pip, i was getting a bit emotional too, knowing you are such a Ladybird fan. It was meant to be, Australia was meant to have you my dear. Wow. Do you have telepathy to seek out vintage seamstress garage sales?? Incredible!! I'm going back to gaze at the images now, you are one super lucky lady!! Love Posie

Peggy-Jean said...

I'm sorry but I just had to comment on the Austin Powers Groovy baby tin. I was scrolling down having a lovely look and said the same thing, then read it!!!! Have I found another closet Austin Powers lover????? Love Peggy-Jean

the wreath witch said...

I am a vintage book lover too. I save many but dammaged or moldy ones get recycled into my cases or used on lovely tags, your pictures are so dear thank you for posting them.-Pat

Betty Jo said...

Most excellent finds.
I just threw out at least 8 Twinings tins as I don't have the room... which leads me to this query, where do you find the space for all your collected treasures? My place is bursting at the seams,(which,I may add,doesn't stop us op-shopaholics still wanting more!)

Lynsey said...

oh fantastic finds!! :)