Saturday, 19 January 2008


and I am loving it! The first rain of the year came to Daylesford today, our water tank is full and the garden looks fresh again.

Coincidentally, Betty Jo has tagged me to post pictures of my garden, so here they are. We were lucky enough to inherit a very pretty garden, with a herb bed and lots of flowers. It has been really nicely planned, so that you get a glimpse of vintage roses from the windows in the kitchen and dining room, and the verandah has flowers hanging over it almost all year round, providing colour and shade.

This is only our side garden, however. At the back of the house is a big slope with just a few trees on. It's quite ugly and doesn't offer much shade. There's a huge grey brick wall that is the side of the neighbour's garage. We are hoping to turn this area into a veggie garden over the next year, and also plant some trees to hide the ugly wall and provide shade. I didn't take a photo of this part!


zoesquid said...

What a lovely garden. Wasnt the rain just devine today? You could almost hear the plants screaming in ecstacy!

Emily said...

We've had several days of sub-zero wind chills here. I think I'll move to Australia! Your garden looks like an especially wonderful place to be right now!