Saturday, 26 January 2008


I think Saturday morning has always been my favourite time of the week. When I was thirteen I used to have a paper round and on Saturday mornings I would get my weekly pay, which was immediately spent on magazines, chocolate and stationery. I would spend all morning in my bedroom poring through my favourite mags - Judy, Look-In, Smash Hits, Jackie...

Then as a student I would get up late on a Saturday morning and have a huge fry-up breakfast with my flatmates, poring over the details of our Friday evening exploits. In our twenties, Paul and I would get up early together to hunt for old furniture and stuff at the best car boot sales, shop for fruit and veggies at the market and read the paper for hours in a little inner-city cafe somewhere.

But then babies came along and suddenly Saturday mornings seemed to disappear into an everyday routine of 6am starts, feeding, playing, supermarket shopping, tidying, cooking, laundry, feeding, bathing. I thought they had gone forever. But suddenly this year, with a four-year-old and a six-year-old, Saturday mornings are back! Don't despair, parents of babies and toddlers!!

This morning: a leisurely cuppa; a casual stroll around the local garage sales, a short drive through the forest to Trentham for a late breakfast at our favourite Red Beard bakery. Managed to read the WHOLE of the newspaper while the boys played quietly with their newly-acquired garage sale toys, then we shopped for fruit and veggies at the greengrocers. Back home to read my favourite mags (these days it's Country Living, Frankie, Red, Easy Living, Home Beautiful..). This is good. As is my bounty from the garage sales, which included a beauty of an old red suitcase, little Norwegian mugs, 1940s children's books, a fireplace for the Lark workshop, old tins, a vintage wool blanket with squirrels and deer, romance novels and a pile of CDs for Paul.


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Oh my Allison! Those mugs are Figgjo of Norway - and they are the MARKET design. I have a tureen like these, and a teapot too! And a milk jug! Hurrah for Figgjo! They are designed by Turi. And I'm talking WAY to much! Looking forward to catching up sometime - i have my snorkel on at the moment as there is no time to draw breath! But all is well! Hope you Adventurous Four are having a lovely weekend!
xx pip

Jodie said...

Gorgeous wonderful finds - well done you!

zoesquid said...

I love your Saturday morning account. My cherubs have just turned 4 & 6 respectively and I too feel like there is Saturday Morning Hope on the horizon! Thanks for the support with the ciggys - 1 week today and still going strong.