Monday, 18 February 2008


Great theme for THIS IS... this week! What makes me laugh more than anything is other people with infectious laughs. You only have to put on The Laughing Policeman or one of those 1970s Smash mashed potato ads with the laughing martians, and I'm off!

No-one has a more infectious laugh than Sid James in the Carry On films though. Just hearing this one second clip makes me giggle hysterically. Check out this classic clip from Carry On Camping where he has taken his wife and friends to see a film about nude camping without them knowing! Hee hee!


Lily and Agathe said...

Waoh ha ha.... did you see what I posted? I think you and I were seperated at birth, Sids laugh, cracks me up everytime, you're my kind of gal..

AnastasiaC said...

British comedy is the best!!! always makes me laugh and I agree hearing other people laugh makes me laugh too...i think i should go to one of those laugh classes!! that would be fun!