Tuesday, 6 May 2008


It's been a while... I haven't been doing much thrift-shopping this year. I sort of got out of the habit over the summer, and also I had a run of bad oppy luck, finding my favourite shops barren and stripped of anything remotely interesting.

But after taking a whole bootload of our family possessions to the Salvo's a couple of weeks ago I started to get the urge to rummage again, and I have since had a few lucky encounters, proving that there is such a thing as 'Op Shop Karma'. Most of the things here were found in four places - my two favourite thrift shops deep in the countryside, the CFA stall at the Clunes Bookfest last week, and a sorry-looking garage sale spotted on holiday in Tasmania that turned up some real treasure. Here's what I found...

A vintage squeaky toy and children's embroidery frame complete with yarns (above).

A pair of vintage Laconia blankets in sage green.

Old china and a Bambi mug.

Two old pictures in shadow frames (it was the frames I wanted but the pictures are growing on me).

Set of old Pyrex ramekin dishes.

A set of Laura Ingalls Wilder books that I used to have as a girl.

T G Green Cornishware dinner plates and a green stripey plate too.

Big box of 1960s/1970s Mills & Boon.

Vintage teaching clock.

Old cream and blue china.

Vintage children's knitting patterns.

Lots and lots and lots of lovely old children's books, which makes me very happy!

Some lovely Figgjo pieces. This was my best find. It was my birthday, and we were driving along the highway through a small country town in Northern Tasmania. I saw an unpromising sign for a garage sale and we debated whether to stop - in the end I'm glad we did as it was a goldmine. The lady in charge runs it every week for the local hospital and she had received some great donations. The Figgjo set includes a teapot, set of eggcups, plate and salt and pepper pots, all in pristine condition. I wasn't aware of these lovely Norwegian designs until a little while ago when I came across some cups at a sale and Pip told me all about them. It was so amazing to find these on my the day that I did, like a special birthday gift from the thrift fairy!

I also found a vintage swap card album.

And lotsa nice linen!

I think I have had my share of good oppy karma for the next little while!


Patty said...

Wow! You really scored! I love the cream dishes and of course the Little House books. But it's all great.

Sherrin said...

ohhhhh! can I PLEASE come with you next time?! lol I was gasping at every photo... wowowoww! excellent finds! lucky you. :o)

Cass said...

Oh wow everything is fantastic. I was drooling over every photo

Jodie said...

Fantastic op-shop karma, maybe because you gave loads away as well???

CurlyPops said...

Wowee, you found such great stuff!
I went to Clunes on the weekend too.

alexandra said...

WOW! Check out that booty! That's awesome. I love the Figgjo pieces - such gorgeous design. You definitely scored. The teaching clock is way too cute.

AnastasiaC said...

wow you scored big time!!! the swap cards are awesome!!
i found some great vintage childrens books on the weekend...happy about that!

Kirsty said...

Wonderful Op Shopping. Birthday Op Shopping so super lucky it's incredible!

Heather said...

Fantastic Finds!! Love the wool blankets!

But, I had to laugh out loud at the book "Hoo Hoo's Party". I don't know how it is in Australia, but over here "Hoo Hoo" is childish slang for certain female body parts, so anyhoo, it made me laugh!

Sal said...

Is that all ? LOL ;-)
Amazing finds! I love the teaching clock!

Kyla said...

Great finds, I love the vintage swap card album
Cheers Kyla

g said...

Oh wow - you found great stuff! I especially love the squeaky toy, the Figgjo pieces & the clock. I'm so jealous!!!

Kitty said...

what a great loot! I have that bambi cup, my mum bought it for me after seeing the film when I was 4.

Jackobindi said...

OMG!!!! I think that was my swapcard albumn!! LOL I had exactly the same with the cat and dog sticker on the front, and I remember all those cards!The sad things is you refer to them as Vintage!!

JustJess said...

Magnificent finds. I agree about op-shop karma - it's clearly come around to you!

Pear tree cottage! said...

I wonder what they call it when you are thinking about someone as you go into your blog comments and find her there!! I was so pleased to see you.

Dear friend yes! YES! I would make room for you for sure and I will send you an email tonight as I did wonder how I was going to get an invitation off to you.

It is all coming together very nicely and I think you would enjoy a day with your friends sipping tea and trying all the goodies I have planned.

Your finds are pieces I would treasure too and as you know I have many that remind me of a "special moment" or a "time gone bye"

see you soon.

boobook said...

it was lovely to meet your voice on the phone today Allison.
And you should know that you have a nice phone voice too!
Great oppy loot!

Serena said...

Wow !! What an amazing Op Shop haul. Well done to you !!

Linda said...

OMG!!!!! I am just speechless!!! it is all so beautiful and incredible. lucky you. I LIVE in Tassie and I never find such wonderful things as the Figgjo pieces. How wonderful for you :)

orange you lucky! said...

What Luck! Love the Figgjo pieces! I dream of such shopping sprees:)

Lauren said...

Just googled for the teaching clock -- I have the same one! I found it in a church thrift store in Perth, Australia. Love it, love it, love it!