Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Free t-shirts! I love free stuff!

I love to shop. My favourite shop since about 1989 has been Remo General Store in Sydney. They used to have a gorgeous big shop that you could spend all day in, and now they have an equally great website.

Remo sells stuff that is hard to describe - just great, beautifully-made things for yourself or for gifts. They also print their own t-shirts with a range of over 150 cool designs. These t-shirts are the best quality I have ever found - Mr Lark still wears one I bought him in 1992!

Remo Guiffre, the owner, is one of my business heroes, and I was so thrilled last year when he started to sell my Knitted Baby Toys and Keep Calm things through the store - lots of the brands Remo stocks are from small design companies, and every product has an interesting story behind it.

Anyway, Remo is inviting new customers who visit the online store from my blog to select a free t-shirt in any design from their entire range. There's no catch, you don't have to buy anything (you just pay for shipping). There are tees for women and men in long and short sleeves. Singlets too. They even have the t-shirts in kid's sizes or you could buy one for Father's Day (yes, it's Aussie father's day on 7 September!). And the offer also applies to overseas readers.

To choose your t-shirt click here or see the banner at the top-right of my blog. I'd love to hear which t-shirt you choose. Yay for Remo, free stuff is the best!


Hoochie Coochie said...

oh my goodness thankyou Allison!! I just ordered a "keep calm and carry on" tshirt for my little fella for his birthday... can't wait for it to arrive!
Hurrah for free stuff!
xx Sharaine

AnastasiaC said...

wow - how generous!! i remember the big Remo store on Oxford St...years ago - feels like yesterday cool they stock your stuff too!!

potty mouth mama said...

Wow - that is amazing!! I remember the store too, it was fantastic.

Kitschen Pink said...

Oh this is very exciting! What a treat on a very wet sunday! t.x

Donna said...

I have just ordered a little cupcake long sleeved t shirt for my daughter. What a great offer. Thanks for sharing Allison.

I am so sad too that you are going to be unable to come to my sale. I am not sure yet whether I am going to Top Drawer but will definitely find you if I do. September is just so busy for me this year!

iRiS said...

ooo how generous!
Im off to search for something quirky for one of my cherubs!
thanks a bunch xox

Swift Jan said...

Oh wow... I have been checking out your online store for ages!

I just adore all the goodies you have!!!

I do like the green eggs design :D

I will add you to my blog roll now...

Bellgirl said...

I ordered mr Bell a fez T-shirt. Thanks for the link!

Lisa said...

Thank-you so much for the link and letting us know about the great offer. So great to see keep calm and carry on. I want to wait till I get back to Dubai and I will order a few mugs.

I got some Rods to teach my children maths and a kangaroo t shits. No Aussie expat should be without one.

Thanks again Allison. I hope you get a kickback for the referrals.

Lisa said...

Whoops sorry for the T shirt typo there *blush*

Lark said...

Thanks Lisa! I don't get any kind of a kickback from Remo, or free stuff or anything, although I think I do get 'points' which maintains my position as one of their 'very special customers'! It's more because Remo have been very supportive to me and other independent designers, and because they sell great stuff, and it's good to share the love!

Allison x