Saturday, 30 August 2008

Seaside holiday needed!

70-Colour-Seaside-2, originally uploaded by i have a phantom cat.

Whew, been so busy lately, and I have the big work trip coming up next week, I am going to be mucho in need of a holiday when I get back. I think the earliest we'll be able to get away is December but it's not that far away.

Since we moved to Australia we've never really travelled outside the major cities, but this year I'm thinking of a family holiday somewhere a bit tropical and hot. I'm thinking blue sea, lazy days, a fab kids club that will keep two boys entertained, spa treatments for me, great food and wine for Mr Lark ... but still with some sights and shops nearby for when we get bored with doing nothing. Nothing too active and not too much bush and wildlife stuff, I live in the country and see enough of that on a daily basis! I'm thinking Queensand but I don't know where to start looking.

If anyone has any tips or ideas for a family holiday in the sunshine, I'd be REALLY grateful, please leave me a comment or email to allison @ Cheers!


trasha said...

Queensland V.V. HOT in December. Can you hang in there until Autumn??

Not sure where you are but the islands up in the Whitsundays are always fabulous.

Been away too long so sorry don't have any real concrete suggestions, just thoughts.

AnastasiaC said...

we're planning our summer trip too and i want to head off to Fiji but Andrew is keen on Queensland again - always fun for kids but i love Noosa could always drive north to Central Coast...not too far from Sydney, Nelsons Bay is lovely..we try to go there each year for a week, its usually our Winter getaway..