Monday, 29 September 2008

Lovely Shops!

Whilst in London, Angela and I visited a couple of the Cath Kidston shops to buy props for our stand. The Covent Garden shop had just been refurbished and it had the most amazing dressing rooms, papered with wallpaper reprinted from vintage fabric designs. Unfortunately the lady running the shop was a bit grumpy and she wouldn't let us take any photos (why, when Cath Kidston product images are easily available on the web anyway?).

I mentioned this to Teena of Kitschen Pink, who I shared a lovely cuppa with in Cambridge the following week. And she sent me a link to the HenHouse, who must have visited a different Cath Kidston store as she has lots of lovely photos on her blog -see them here.

Talking of Cath Kidston, her publisher was exhibiting at Top Drawer, and I managed to get a sneaky look at her new book . I have to tell you, it is going to be really great. Apparently she is debating about what to do for her next book, it's between 'frocks' and 'kids'. I hope she does kids!

And talking of lovely shops, here are some more photos from Creme de la Creme a la Edgar. They also wont allow photos inside (which I can understand in their case), but I did get some reasonably good shots from the street.

This is truly the nicest children's shop in the world, visit Copenhagen if you can! In the same street (Kompagnistr├Žde) there are several other lovely shops too, like these...


potty mouth mama said...

They must always be grumpy, because 4 years ago when I went into a store and asked to take some photos, they told me I could take ONE SHOT!! And even then, it was begrudgingly.

Donna said...

Unfortunately most of the CK staff seem to be grumpy in my experience. I have friends who have trade accounts with them and say they are the rudest people to deal with. Sad isn't it when her products are so homely and evocative of nice family life. Also I saw her book for sale in our WH Smiths at the weekend and was cross because I had preordered it on Amazon and it still hasn't arrived!

I would love to go to Denmark and see the shops in Copenhagen. I love the Danes sense of style.

Two Crofters said...

yep - i used to be a CK stockist and they were rude and delivery times were awful!
your stand looks wonderful - if only i still lived in Kent i would have been there to meet you in person :)
i still have one of the t shirt dresses you made for my shop (cupcakes) - it is a lovely reminder of Lark at the start and of owning a shop x
glad you got home safe and sound
t x

AnastasiaC said...

great pics Allison...makes me want to travel and observe new things!!