Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Two highlights of my trip

1. TANYA. I finally got to meet my online bestie in person. Tanya and I have been friends for over four years, she launched Lily & Agathe about the same time as I started Lark and we bonded over our love of vintage children's stuff. Online. Before blogs were even a twinkle in our eyes. But Tanya lives in France and I live in Australia, so we never got to meet until now and had to make do with emailing each other many times a week. I wasn't nervous at all when we met in London, as I knew we would get along, and we did, it was a great night out.

2. FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. If you haven't watched this New Zealand comedy show, it is the best and funniest thing I've seen for ages.I had only seen little glimpses of it before, but Angela brought the whole series on her iPod and we whiled away many an hour on our long-distance flights laughing uncontrollably at Bret and Jemaine. It is especially funny to us because Angela's boyfriend is the double of Jemaine, but I think everyone would find it funny.

So, to celebrate both of these highlights, here is one of my favourite Conchords clips: 'Foux Da Fa Fa'. I chose this one because it has retro and French themes. Tanya, this is for you! x


Kitschen Pink said...

Nuts! I hope the airline showed it through the main screens so everyone could laugh along with you! t.x

Lily and Agathe said...

Well you see my paddington story comes into it's own here, because I was having a day full of merde and then i read this post... it was a paddington moment... thank you.. but I have to say, I am your even biggerest (?) fan now that I've meet you, you're great xx will be e-mailing you tonight or tomorrow dear heart xx

my poppet said...

i've been listening to their cd in my car, great to sing along too. one of my favorites