Saturday, 29 November 2008

Busy sewing...

Here is the banner I have been sewing for my Christmas markets. I have wanted to make a patchwork banner for ages and was inspired to finally do it by Leslie's recent banner. Mine is a bit less professional-looking and a lot more colourful and chaotic, a bit like my life!

I've also used up lots of my fabric stash to make Market Bags, which I'll be selling for $10 at the Daylesford Makers' Market tomorrow - I think it's nice to have a nice, thrifty bag to carry your new purchases in, don't you? Many of the bags are made from old sheets and linens and they all have big, mis-matched buttons.


three buttons said...

Your banner looks great! : )

And I love your vintage bags too!

potty mouth mama said...

I definitely agree - having a sweet little bag such as yours is the BEST! I love them.

Your banner is fantastic. Hope it goes super well!