Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Hello Doily!

Here at Lark HQ we are divided on the issue of doilies. Paul and Dean scoff at them, Steph and I love them. Paper, crochet, we love them all. Steph REALLY loves doilies. So much so that she is launching a new craft label called Doily.

I am so excited about Doily! Steph's first product, still being developed, is a range of vintage craft packs, filled with cute craft materials and notions and, yes, doilies. Don't they look tempting? Steph has studied art and is a dedicated crafter as well as working at the after-school club in our local childcare centre, so she knows a lot about making stuff! And she has a great eye for vintage patterns and colours, so I know these are going to be so ace.

Steph is launching Doily at the new Daylesford Makers Market on 30 November so if you live in Victoria please come along and see it for yourself!


Swift Jan said...

My husband is anti doily aswell!!
But those little packs do look awefully tempting!

Kitschen Pink said...

I have lots of crochet doilys and lots more paper doilys, white ones, rounds ones square ones even some Edwardian ones. Those diddy drink coaster ones (some saying 'Fishermans' Mission') Pink heart shaped ones (really really yummy) and when I'm feeling kitsch those shiny silver and gold ones that are supposed to only come out at Christmas! Doilys are forever! Go girls! t.x

AnastasiaC said...

if you talked to me 20yrs ago i would have said 'Doilies? No thanks' but i love them now...paper ones, cotton ones, handmade ones!! all good!!
cute little packs...must be SO fun working with you amongst your crafty and vintage stuff!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

I have a mini collection of doilies here that I'm trying to find a way to use them in my daughter's little dresses!
Good luck with the new venture. The packs look great. :)

Christina Lowry said...

Love the packs! How cute!