Sunday, 30 November 2008

New Things in My Web Shop #5: Dandy Star

I've been a fan of Dandy Star's t-shirts for years and finally couldn't resist having them for sale in my shop.

Charlotte Day and Rose Bamford met while studying art in London. Several years and kids later they started Dandy Star together.

Their gorgeous range now features dozens of designs screenprinted onto the finest cotton, in hand-dyed colours.

What I love about these t-shirts is the simplicity of the images, the slim, 1970s cut of the t-shirts and the use of colour including faded reds, smokey greys and pale greens.

Many of the designs are unisex, which is great for mums like me who have boys but don't want everything to be about superheroes or soccer.

My kids are going to be wearing nothing but Dandy Star this summer holidays, and when winter comes I think they will still look cool over a long-sleeved skivvy. I am starting with three designs in the shop: Toadstool, Shine and Magic. In various sizes. Please snap them up so that I can order some more Dandy Star and feed my addiction!