Saturday, 13 December 2008

Hello (Miss) Kitty!

We snuck off down to Red Hill yesterday, one of my favourite little places down on the coast, for some Chrissie shopping. My favourite stop was at Miss Kitty's Emporium.

I have known the owners Melanie and Rayke for about a year, since they first hatched their plans to open the shop. They share my love of vintage stuff and are also really supportive of local businesses.

My Lark goodies fit right in there amid the vintage tablecloths, pretty homewares and cute kid's stuff!

But wait - Miss Kitty's Emporium is also a tea room, serving delicious homemade scones with raspberry jam! On vintage crockery, of course.

Here is Miss Rayke herself.

If you're heading to the Mornington Peninsula this summer you wont want to miss out on visiting this lovely shop. It is one of those really special places where you know that the owners have poured their heart and soul into it.

Even the floral displays are perfectly vintage!

Miss Kitty's Vintage Tearoom and Emporium, 11 Centrepoint, Shoreham Rd, Red Hill Sth, Victoria


lupinbunny said...

I finally gave in and began to trawl the gift shops in my city yesterday for the Chrissie presents I just couldn't get anywhere else, and every single store seemed to have Lark bits and pieces! You must be doing very well - congratulations!

Swift Jan said...

How quaint! I'd enjoy visiting Miss Kitty's!

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

ooh how lovely! I'll add to it to my lilst of places to visit in the holidays :)

Caylie said...

I visit Miss Kitty's everytime I go to the market. The smell of scones and all the oil cloth on the tables is enough to make me visit again and again. what a great lil shop :)