Monday, 29 December 2008


So I wrote about this lovely Granny Squares Headboard a few days ago - and lo and behold, look what was waiting for me today in the junk shop near our house. I don't have the right bed for it yet, but my youngest son is due to get a 'big boy bed' soon, so I might give it a go. It's a lovely example of a crochet blanket actually, very well-made from wool rather than acrylic. It's a shame it's not bigger or I would put it on our bed!

I also picked up this old sewing box that I think will look pretty with a fresh coat of paint.

And the owner had been keeping a few vintage Ladybird books under the counter for me, he knows I am an addict, hee hee!

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beck said...

Love the blanket, aren't they sweet colours? Heard you had a very sick boy on Christmas day, hope he is feeling alot better x