Monday, 21 April 2008

Ooh la la!

My best blog-friend Tanya of Lily & Agathe is hosting A WEEK OF FRENCHNESS at Meet Me at Mikes this week, and she has lots of gallic gorgeousness on show. Tanya is a Brit girl living in the South of France and she has adorable taste, so go on over to Mikes and check it out tout de suite!

I wont be at my desk much this week so I am going to share all my favourite French things here in this one post. First up are the illustrations of Lefor Openo. I first came across these groovy gals via Mod*Mom last year - in the sixties they were famous for their advertising and political posters. Aren't they fab?

Coming back to the present, there is some lovely children's design coming from France at the moment, here are a few things I have spotted recently:

Cushions by Creations Kat
Boutique La Coccigrue, 68 rue Orfila, 75020 Paris
Matilou party invitations
Vintage French children's games from Lily and Agathe
Nell doudou cushion
Fabric transfers by Nathalie Lete

Finally, back to the 1980's... France was tres cool in this decade. I went on my first school trip to Calais in 1983, and a few years later my best friend Kathy and I went off to Paris on our own. We'd just started A'Level Art and thought we were so sophisticated but we were only 16. We ran out of money after a couple of days and had to sleep rough and hang out in all-night clubs with some very dodgy characters, but it was a great trip and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Here's me in the Tuileries gardens (I think), looking very tired!

Speaking of dodgy characters, I tried, but I couldn't resist finishing off this French post with 'Je Suis un Rock Star' by Bill Wyman. You have to play the vid, it's very, very funny, and I guarantee you'll be singing this all day! Si, si!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

I've really enjoyed hosting Pip's blog this week, but it's always nice to get back to your own home, isn't it?

I've also been busy this week updating the Lark website.

Lots of new products, my favourites being the cute soaps I've mentioned before that I put little baby animals on, baby shoes I made from vintage kitchen linens and these office mugs, from my collection of vintage coffee coasters that you may remember from a few months back. The one I have my morning cuppa from is Smile, but I love the others too!

Anyway, lots of good stuff is now available in our shop - if you want to have a peek click here if you're in Australia and here in the UK or elsewhere.

Monday, 7 April 2008


Hello everyone, and hurrah... I'm feeling rather chuffed to be head girl at Meet Me at Mikes this week, where I'm hosting a 'Best of British' jamboree. It's like a village fete but with inspiring images and lovely links for all my favourite aspects of British life - the seaside and countryside, food, design, craft, clothes, history and more... if you're a Brit too, or just love British design, why not join in? Jolly good show!

Mug by Emma Bridgewater.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

On My Desk Today...

My desk is full of cute stuff at the moment - a vintage girl swap card that I love, Bloom's Vanilla Bean room spray (=heaven), lots of new stuff from Lark that I must get into my webshop soon, a princess crown bought for me in an op shop by my little boy, a set of vintage 'Student's World' books that act as a base for my Mac (love the colours of these), nail polish, coloured pencils...

For more cute things, drop into Meet Me at Mikes, where Angela is currently hosting a whole week of cuteness!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


My baby has lost his first tooth. OK, he's not a baby, he's six years old, but it seems like JUST YESTERDAY when he grew those two little front teeth (below). Where did all that time go? Sigh...

Feeling melancholy, I decided on a bit of crafting to cheer me up, and found a tutorial for this cute little Tooth Fairy Pillow. I made it with some 1970s 'faux patchwork' fabric and felt.

Last night, the tiny tooth was placed in the pocket, popped under his pillow and magically - this morning the tooth had gone. In its place, a vintage fairies swap card, a little note and five dollars. Next time I think Ms Tooth Fairy will bring only one dollar, otherwise she will go broke, but this was a special first-time thing!

I asked my son what he is going to spend the money on and he told me he has promised Rita (his cat) that he'll buy her a new toy. What a sweetheart he is!