Friday, 16 January 2009


I am very excited about this book that will be published in March, written by my friend Pip and featuring lots of lovely Aussie crafters, including me!!!

It is not the first book that I have been involved in - I was a publishing exec in my previous life and have even written a couple of books for Lonely Planet, but somehow this one means more to me as it is very personal.

We were each asked to send in a box of our favourite bits and bobs along with our project instructions (I'm not allowed to say what my project is yet!).

I carefully filled an old biscuit tin with all my special mementoes and sent it off via Australia Post. I am expecting it back any day now, what a delight to see my most-loved little things again after all this time! I can't wait to see how the book will look when finished, Pip is so clever, it is bound to blow your mind with loveliness. Roll on March 25!