Thursday, 22 January 2009

The CFA are my heroes!

Tyldon CFA Shed - Victoria, originally uploaded by spacountry.

A very hot, very windy day today. The power was out all over the district for two hours. Bush fires are happening nearby, at Drummond and Woodend. Thank goodness for the CFA and the amazing work they do. Last week our house started to catch fire (it wasn't from a bush fire but it was caused by hot weather) and the CFA fire truck and volunteers were here within two or three minutes. Support them please!


Kitschen Pink said...

Oh good grief! I have no idea how you cope! How scary! And how wonderful that they have such good response times too! Hope there wasn't too much damage and smokiness.
I think the last time they came out here (for our neighbours chimney fire) it was nearer 30 mins! Of course we're more likely to need defrosting at the moment!
"Hello? Is that 999 Emergency? Yes? I need you to send out the icemen to defrost my sitting room!"

trasha said...

Have spoken with my Mum this a.m. and she said it was a very nasty N.W. wind today. Stay safe and HOORAY!! for the CFA.

Bec @ honi design said...

Our place backs onto national park in NSW and I am always terrifeid with hot windy days and mongrels that start fires on those sort of days.
Hurruah for the Firey's