Friday, 23 January 2009


THANKS everyone for your supportive comments about our IKEA nightmare - after being very nice to the warehouse manager (through gritted teeth) we now have our Expedits! There are still a few left at Richmond if anyone needs them.


Kitschen Pink said...

Hurrah for the warehouse manager! Give that man a roll-mop herring! good luck with the exhibition! t.xx

(you just know those ones in Richmond will be out of stock by now!)

Bek said...

Oh, we love the expedits too! We have 2 in our house, and had a lot of trouble getting the second one- had a similar experience to yours- and we are in Sydney- nice to know their bad service is consistent across the nation! But, yes, we still love Ikea. Suckers.

(Found you via curlypops by the way!)

alex brooks said...

You've got to love that Expedit