Sunday, 15 February 2009

Choosing wallpaper

We're packing today for the Life in Style trade show next week. I haven't even finalised the stand design yet (which is unusual for me, but my mind has been elsewhere) although I'm thinking of incorporating some vintage wallpaper. I think I will just take a few rolls along in my suitcase and then see what works on the day. Here are some of the papers I am selecting from, I am pretty much decided on the yellow, pink and turquoise flower rolls on the left and the purple roll on the far right.


messenger said...

Good choices - but how could you go wrong? Ahh, wallpaper...
Good luck and have fun in Sydney.

Kitschen Pink said...

Oh no no no. You should use teh brown polka dot top right and the rest you can send to me! They'll look awful on your stand and you can't possibly have any other use for them!
Scrummy! Will we see a photo of the stand??? What about photoes of all your stands over time?? Now that would be a candy fest!!! Have a lovely time! t.x

ed said...


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