Thursday, 12 March 2009

Belle and Boo - my favourite for the week

I am so excited to be representing Belle & Boo in Australia! We are making available the full range of Mandy Sutcliffe's lovely illustrations, each hand-printed in London and signed by Mandy. They come with a pretty wrap band and a little certificate. Because these prints look so pretty I am going to try and feature one on my blog every week.

This week my Belle & Boo illustration of choice is 'My Favourite Spot in Autumn'.

After a horrendous summer here in Australia it is so comforting to think that it will soon be Autumn. This picture fills me with anticipation of putting on my cosy autumn coat (which just happens to be a purply colour) and going out to gather pine cones from the forest to light the wood fire in our studio.

The 'My Favourite Spot in Autumn' art print is available here or from selected stockists.

There are three other prints in this series: Spring, Summer and Autumn, and I think it would be so nice to treat yourself to one each season and build up a little art collection. If you are just looking for a small gift the 'My Favourite Spot' series is also available as pretty sets of badges and magnets.


Handmade in Israel said...


Angela said...

Love it!

littlechrissy said...

It's so sweet. I want to put on my boots and jump in piles of leaves and eat crisp apples.

Kirsty said...

Sweet. I'm so enjoying the crispness in the morning air now. Thank heavens the heat has broken.