Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Day trip to Bendigo

Steph and I spent the whole day in Bendigo today - in the name of work of course! It's a pretty city, and I can't help but like it as it's the town where my lovely Paul grew up.

We wandered around lots of op shops and pretty places, also found a great cafe called El Beso opposite the art gallery. Bought lots of nice old linens and children's books. Steph is collecting crochet granny blankets to make a cover for her sofa and we found heaps.

Steph also bought a cute 1960s dress from a shop called Doris.

The main purpose of our visit was to drop some Lark stuff off at our new stockist, Bob Boutique.

This is a totally great shop, stuffed with crafty and sweet things - 80% Australian made! We chatted for ages with lovely Sonia, who owns the shop and makes lots of the things herself. If you are around - pop in on 18 April as they are having a 'Bob Day', with 20% off everything for members - you just have to sign up.

Sonia was one of the first stockists of Belle & Boo in Australia.

One of the rooms houses regular exhibitions by emerging artists and crafters.

Sonia sells ranges by lots of local crafters, including the lovely Drink Me Alice.

The Bob website is currently down following a nasty virus so you have to visit the store in person, but it is well worth it! 17 Williamson Street Bendigo, inside the old Shamrock Hotel. Call 03 5444 3522.

This is another reason for our visit - I was picking up this fab vintage Sunbeam Mixer. I had one of these a while ago and it made excellent cakes so I thought I would try again. We'll still use our beloved '70s Kenwood for bread and biscuits. I'll report back when I've had a chance to make a cake with it.

So we headed home, the car stuffed with nice things and our hearts happy after all the lovely things we found at Bob.


CurlyPops said...

What a lovely day out, and a carload of loot makes it even better!

posiepatchwork said...

you have the best life!! love your finds & that bob shop is gorgeous. love Posie

Hello Sandwich said...

That looks like a lovely trip!
Oh and I just LOVE the hello poppet bag! looks like one of the fonts we use in the magazine!
and how sweet are the cute cookies!

PAPER LEAF said...

Wow! I remember my nana's mixer. It was green and I can still remember the smell of the beaters after they had been spinning for a while.

Natalie said...

You make a trip to Bendigo look very glamorous! I grew up near Bendigo but it looks like I need to rediscover it's treasures!

leslie said...

yay! my husband is from bendigo, too! i love visiting for the weekend as it gives me the chance to hit the op shops, sooooooo good. we're going to try and make it over to visit you on sunday, fingers crossed for good weather, happy babies and lots of energy on our part : )

nineteen toes said...

I'm so pleased you got to see our Non-Fiction exhibition! I adore Bob Boutique & Sonia's so lovely too.

Love the sunbeam mixer too. My Mum has one just like it, though she wouldn't think of it as vintage - just her standard trusty Mixmaster! I only have a handheld version & whenever I try my hand at baking, both me & the entire kitchen end up covered in cake mix...

cp xx (from indie art & design... Non-Fiction is our own label)