Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Forty Weeks

I worked really hard at the gym tonight and I loved it. I've always been too scared to go to a gym, they're full of blokes and fit people. But this year Steph and I joined 'Forty Weeks to Fitness', a local community project offering weekly sessions of circuit training and general exercise, working with a trainer. Ours is a women-only group and it's a blast, I have made a few new friends and we all have a real giggle. Every ten weeks we have a fitness check, we're up to week five now. I'm definitely a bit fitter but I think I may have actually put weight on - too many takeaways over the past few weeks with being away on business and then away from home because of the bush fires. Oh well! If nothing else I will have made some new friends and lost my fear of the gym!


Sheri Howard said...

I used to go to the gym years ago, now I walk on my treadmill. I finally invested in one so my husband would use it. We live in a very hilly subdivision. He is 52 and thinks he can still run up hill in the winter, on the ice, after dark when he gets home from work....are you kidding me? So he now watches the news and runs...I feel it is safer.(crazy men) I know what you mean about meeting new friends. Good for you!

krismakes said...

Hello from Shepparton - I'm so happy to find another great aussie blog to add to my favorites! And one almost in shouting distance.
I love everything in your shop Lark too!
Tell me do you sell at the Daylesford Market? I would love to see some things in person. Otherwise I will just order off the website - problem is I want it all!
I'm off to stitches and craft on Friday - any tips for someone with limited time?
ps is it normal to have to have a google/blogger account to leave a comment? I usually post comments with my wordpress id but it wasn't an option here (just thought you may not be aware)cheers!