Thursday, 26 March 2009

Our bathroom

A photographer and his assistant came over this morning to photograph our family bathroom for an interiors magazine. I am quite fond of this bathroom, it is mainly a room for the kids and visitors so we've made it quite quirky and not at all grown-up. There is a sort of vintage seaside feel to it, also it is where we keep old Famous Five adventure books and part of our family collection of Fisher Price toys. Here are a few snapshots I took myself - taking advantage of having a clean and tidy bathroom for once. The magazine article wont be out for months yet, I think it's just going to be a small piece, part of a feature on favourite rooms. Some of the photos they took feature me and the kids so we might well make a (reluctant) appearance.


Hello Sandwich said...

owww which magazine?
Your place is so sweet! I want to see more!

Sheri Howard said...

Now that is something not very many people can say..."I had my bathroom in a photo!" I still have all those little people too....and the dog! He is my grandson's favorite. It made me smile to see them all lined up on the window sill! Thanks for your cheerful blog!

Isabel loves design said...

I love your wallpaper, and everything else just seats in place, so vintage!