Monday, 30 March 2009

St Jude's Notebooks

How gorgeous are these? They are the work of St Jude's Modern British in Norfolk, and feature the work of the work of Angie Lewin, Mark Hearld, Jonny Hannah and Old Town.

I especially love Angie Lewin's prints, I have some of her Dandelion fabric and am a big fan of her work.

Speaking of gorgeousness, my friend and I are off to the launch of the Meet Me at Mike's book tonight. Tea and cakes with lots of lovely crafty people, can't wait!


Pear tree cottage! said...

Dear Friend, your blog is still a joy to visit. And to see all your dear special. Lee-ann

Steph Bond said...

Hi Allison,
Oooh I'm jealous - have a great time at the launch tonight!

beck said...

Hope you had a fun time at the book launch! By the way if you pop by my blog there is an award waiting for you, x

Alison said...

Hi just found your blog today, I had a nice visit. I will be following you. Alison.

Nanette said...

I can't believe I didn't meet you there! You should have been sporting a big, shiny sign with 'The Lark' on it.

Lynda said...

oh i dream of having st judes shopping spree *sigh*