Sunday, 8 March 2009


I couldn't resist having a go at this after seeing it on Cass's blog!

Basically you type "Unfortunately.....insert your first name here" into Google and see what comes up, just for fun. You have to do the "" quote things to make it work.

Here's what "Unfortunately, Allison" came up with:

Unfortunately, Allison ditches her anger too quickly for me and dives into dating this man she’s never met either

Unfortunately, Allison is at the same shoe store

Unfortunately Allison is repelled by his fun-loving and 'devil-may-care' attitude

Unfortunately, Allison was unaware of the Sale & Supply of Goods Act.

Unfortunately, Allison's dreams tell her that his client is guilty of killing his wife

Unfortunately, Allison’s article is less successful in describing the full scope of the problem and recommending a nuanced response

Unfortunately Allison was pretty unprepared for all the attention she got from hitting it big on the Internet

Unfortunately, Allison's response was just ugly

Unfortunately, Allison didn't know that Western Union should never be used to pay for a puppy, especially not to Nigeria

Unfortunately, Allison soon becomes a body -- a dead body! And Molly is the prime suspect in the murder.

Unfortunately, Allison doesn't feel the same way and dumps him in the opening minutes of the film

Unfortunately, Allison is such a common surname in Yorkshire that searches of the IGI were pointless

Unfortunately, Allison’s husband died without any life insurance, any means to provide for the future of Allison, Nathaniel, or the baby about to be ...

Unfortunately Allison's injuries and the fact that Melissa had wrestled only once gave the Cheerleader an advantage throughout this match.

Unfortunately, Allison failed most of her classes.

and my favourite...

Unfortunately Allison just missed representing Australia at the Beijing games