Saturday, 21 March 2009

Busy Saturday

We spent the day in Ballarat today, which is our nearest 'big town', about 40 minutes away. En route we spied an RSL car boot sale in progress in Creswick. I found this lovely old tray, which I am quite taken with, and a big box of children's books. The linens aren't from today, I found these at the Anglican trash n' treasure a couple of weeks ago.

Once in Ballarat we went to a great cafe called 'Eclectic Tastes'. My friend told me about this place recently, she said I'd love it and she was right. It is an old milk bar, completely fitted out from op shops in a very eclectic way.

The decor is full of lovely little touches, like the chair backs made from old granny blankets and aprons, and the menus - made from vintage Golden Books!

Afterwards we met up with friends and went to see Scooby Doo Stage Fright, a live version of the cartoons, at Her Majesty's Theatre. We all loved it, it was so faithful to the original old Scooby Doo, and quite hilarious to watch. Then we all went for a pizza at Eureka, a big table full of hungry people, and then home, home, home, quite exhausted! But I'm not resting too long, off to a party tonight. I do love a busy Saturday.


CurlyPops said...

That tray is beautiful!
Do you remember the address of the cafe? My dad lives in Ballarat and I'd love to pop in there for a coffee next time I'm down that way.

Lark said...

Hi CurlyPops, it is at 2 Burnbank Street.


Cass said...

That cafe looks great. My brother is taking my daughter to Scooby Do when it gets to Sydney. She is really looking forward to it

Swift Jan said...

Looks like you had a great day! That CAfe looks like a lot of fun!

vanessa said...

I love that cafe!! I have a chair just like that in my loungeroom, without the granny rug covering it. My hubby,who is English, hates it and calls it the OAP chair!I love it because it reminds me of some chairs my grandparents had, but theirs weren't red velvet.I have a lovely vintage lime green velvet cushion that goes with it perfectly.
We are planning a trip to Melbourne on the 17/18 of April...are there any good markets on that you know of that would be no more than an hour away by car?From Yarraville?
ps with stuff like the things you like 'cos I like things like this as well!

thanks Vanessa (Newcastle)

Jennifer Barker said...


Thanks for the Scooby Do mention - now I know what my 5 year old is talking about :)


Lark said...

Hi Vanessa, you are lucky as the Sisters handmade market is on 18 April at Brunswick Town Hall, which is always good. You should also check out the Rose St market in Ftitzroy, which is on every Saturday, and the shops around Fitzroy and Northcote are always good for a browse. Have a great trip!xx

vanessa said...

Thanks Lark :):) :)
Will definitely have to look at doing these :)My favourites tend to be Gertrude St to visit the lovely Cottage Industry, MMAM'S and DandG.They have a nice jewellery shop there too.Last trip I discovered an ENORMOUS 'Saver's' (courtesy of my brother)which I loved as I run a vintage stall in an antique centre up here...came home with heaps of clothes and shoes!How lucky I am I that my brother married a Melbourne girl! Hubby loves Melbourne too as it reminds him of home more than NSW...somehow methinks he would be reluctant to leave his favourite beach though ;)

Christy said...

What a great place to eat at. Such fun to feast your eyes on as you feast.

Love to read 'Lark'