Monday, 13 April 2009

The Mysterious Little Shop

There is a strange little shop in a beautiful ramshackle old hotel around the corner from my house.

From the window it appears to be a vintage shop, as it has a display of old things that changes once in while.

At present the display has a girl mannequin and some vintage kitchen things with brown paper notes on saying things like 'make your own jam', 'use a handkerchief' and 'recycle your old clothes'. Ideas close to my heart!

There is a handwritten sign that says 'these brown paper signs were made in the 1990s recession. Now relevant to today. Save. Buy your recycled clothes here.'

The only thing is, and this is what makes it mysterious, is that the shop is NEVER open. I have lived here for three years, and I pass this little shop on the school run every day but I have never been able to get in. The word locally is that the owner puts a red chair outside when the shop is open. My friend Beck saw the chair once and managed to get in. She said that it was a bit strange, lots of lovely old things but it seemed like the shop owner didn't actually want to sell anything, and there were no prices.

It's driving me mad. One day I will get inside this shop and see for myself. For the moment I can only look in at the windows. Perhaps it is not a real shop but a shop for 'lost things' like Emily's shop in Bagpuss?


glor - ious said...

Hi Allison,
there is an equally intriguing "sister" store in Castlemaine. I have lived here for 9 years and have yearned to get inside for a look; as luck may have it, about a month ago I happened past in around noon on a Saturday and lo and behold it was open!! Unfortunately the treasures inside did not quite meet with my long held expectations.
The woman inside assured me that it is open almost every Saturday, but upon consultation with many long standing residents, it was decided that this was myth rather than factual. I too would love to get inside the Daylesford store,
Love your blog,

Betty Jo said...

I remember buying a lovely old vintage top in that shop pre- children. So nearly 15 years ago!
Have seen it open a few times since then, but actually when will remain a mystery due to my memory getting unreliable!

Kaylovesvintage said...

guess his living room is to small and they need same window space to show his
wonderful shop ( did you try to ring the bell, I would ..)

beccasauras said...

Maybe the people live in it, and the window display is just for fun. Heaps of people have bought shops around here in Yarraville and converted them to homes, or lived in as is, and the front window is blocked out, not very exciting. A window of treasures is much more fun to look at!

Jodie said...

I have always always wondered about that little shop.
I do hope you get inside one day - there may be a wishing chair inside!

pen said...

We started going up to Daylesford and Hepburn when we were students in the mid 1980s and the 'shop' was there then. We tried to find out about it and locals told us it was all owned by an older person who didn't really want to sell any of it. Back then the stock inside was totally brilliant and I'm sure we left face prints on that window every time we went up there. We even resorted to putting a note under the door but nothing ever came of it. There was a time when the window was totally covered up and we thought it was all over. Funny how places like this fire our imaginations.

Alison said...

Wow I would love to have a mooch around that shop as well. Oooh! The mystery!

Sheri Howard said...

I know a little shop just like that...I wonder if people do that to make other people crazy? I hope you get to go inside someday!

beck said...

Hasn't this shop got people enthralled?! Have a look for the chair this Sunday..but be prepared for the spooky people inside..!

Lynda said...

I love this shroud of mystery!
I remember a hardware shop in Adelaide like that, but I discovered the mystery eventually when I was working on a community arts project. I t was a 92 year old lady and the shop was her Dad's (he had passed away by then) and she liked to keep it opened. But it would open for a few hours a week!

Keep trying to get in! And sneak your phone in for photos! I want to know now~!

ivy designs said...

Hahaha...I know a shop like this near where I live in Sydney! Except, it is 'open'... there are items on the shelves but only one of each thing. For example, one coke bottle, one box of detergent, one packet of burger rings, one can of vegetables... the weirdest thing of all is that no one is EVER behind the counter!!! You can stand there for 10 mins and no one will come out! How very odd.

belleandboo said...

ooohhhh that gave me goose bumps !