Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Thank you Mr Fisher and Mr Price!

When it's the school holidays and it's cold and stormy outside and the day is dragging on, I know it's time to bring out my trump card - the vintage Fisher Price toys.

My little guys have been playing quietly together for over THREE hours with some of the play sets we've collected. They've built a whole little town and have sent some of the people off on holiday. I don't know of any modern (non-electronic) toy that can capture the imagination of two young boys for this long. Except maybe Lego and Playmobil, but they have vintage roots too. Hurrah!


sarah barnett said...

I too am a vintage junkie... And I love my old fisher-price stuff. I only have the hospital and school house but they are still fantastic and have much more character and durability than many modern. I heard once that the original founders / owners of fisher-price would replace any broken pieces no matter how small. They were built to last!

by the way - I LOVE your work! :)

Alison said...

Our Fisher Price has gone through my kids and now is out of the loft for the grandkids. It is fantastic. As you say it is one of the classics along with lego, and playmobil.

chunkychooky (Cath) said...

they are so beautiful- and there is something lovely about that old thick plastic, plus no batteries- Hooray! A lovely quiet toy.

Swift Jan said...

Oh I remember playing with that plane at Grandma's house when I was little... My mum & dad have a vintage house with those same beds.... ahhh the memories!

Great collection!! Fisher Price rocks!

Kitschen Pink said...

oh my that's some beautiful collection! And all so clean and perfect too! t.x

Gigi said...

Aren't they great? My children played with their F P toys endlessly. Kind of hate to admit it, but they're in their 30's, so that was a while ago. But the toys are classics aren't they?

posiepatchwork said...

Why yes, the FP Hospital. We just returned from Sydney where my 4 guys (now aged 5 to 10) played for hours with my siblings vintage collection of FP toys. Nothing like going back to our childhood to the sound of the bell on the hospital being pulled over & over again. Lovely, timeless & NO BATTERIES REQUIRED!! Just imaginations, as it should be. Plus sturdy enough to still be an outdoor toy so yes, playing on bottoms but outside by the pool in the fresh air. Actually my guys are rather active playing Fisher Price regardless. Love Posie

Corrie said...

oh the plane! wow!

I have the record player and school desk and they are well loved but kept up high for special times otherwise every little part would be lost

they certainly don't make it like they used to!


missfee said...

that there is my chilhood - the plan I loved the plan

Donna said...

They are fab aren't they Allison. I also get a lot of peace and quiet when we get the Sylvanians out. Lizzy can play with small animals all day long1

Hello Sandwich said...

Dearest Allison,
I wanted to thank you for the lovely treasures sent to my via the lovely Beth. They were so gorgeous. I love the London Gardens book - divine! and of course you know hoe much I adore rosie flo! And also the lovely little Japanese doll. You have such gorgeous stock!
I hope all is going well and stay in touch!
Love love
Hello Sandwich

ed said...


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