Sunday, 31 May 2009

Australiana Tea Towel LOVE!!!

Apron by Curlypops.

Chairs upholstered by Suzie Stanford.

Laptop Cosies by Darren Carmichael, The Clunes Strangler.

Skirt by Penelope Durston

Pincushion by LottieLulu


CurlyPops said...

Thanks so much for featuring one of my aprons.
My sister went to visit the Clunes Strangler last week. I'm looking forward to a free weekend to go and check out those gorgeous bags.

claire said...

These are all fabulous. I particulalry love the pin cushion with calendar detail - I'd forgotten about the old calendar detail.

Anyway, just a quick comment to say thank you so much for the soap in the Snailblazer swap. It smells absolutely divine... what a clever multi-talented thing you are!

Jennifer Rose said...

i love that first chair :D all of them are such wonderful things made with tea towels :)

Melanie said...

The chairs are fantastic. Great collection of tea towel craft. I see Curlypops has become a bit of a teatowel apron queen.