Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Granny Square Love

I am really enjoying seeing crochet granny squares everywhere at the moment. Pip has some amazing examples of granny square things on her blog and is heroically crocheting a square each day.

This photo was taken on Christmas Day 2001 - it was one of those magical white Christmases in England, and it was our first Christmas as parents, so we wrapped our son up in his favourite blanket and proudly took him out for a stroll and to visit friends and neighbours. He still has this same crochet blanket and teddy, although the knitted hat and dummy are long outgrown! I get all teary every time I look at this photo!


Beach Vintage said...

What a beautiful photo. Love the blanket.

Swift Jan said...

Aww how divine!!

Christina Lowry said...

I can see why you get teary! My baby is only five months and it feels like the time has already really flown by!! Hubby and I have been jokong that next week with be his 21st birthday. But it is beautiful photos like this that remind us of wonderful moments in our lives, like a sleeping on Christmas with a teddy and a granny blanket.

I am in the midst of making a giant granny square blanket for my little one. :)

the seventy tree said...

What a snuggled up little sweetie! Great blanket.