Friday, 8 May 2009

Kirstie's Homemade Home... and more Cath Kidston!

Last night I watched the first episode of Kirstie's Homemade Home, from UK telly. The premise of this new show is that Kirstie Allsopp (of Location, Location) 'uses crafts, DIY and hard graft to turn a tumbledown old cottage into the perfect home'.

I liked: the knitted opening credits; the features about traditional craftspeople including a potter and a glassblower; the pretty cottage in Devon; the interview with Cath Kidston at her home; Kirstie's vintage dresses and knitted cardies; the peek inside the Victoran kitchen of a National Trust historic home.

I didn't like: the fact that a 5-bedroom old house in Devon is way beyond the reach of most people; the lack of 'hard graft' (by Kirstie, at least); the sewing lesson (way too basic) and the banality of some of the commentary. At one point I actually laughed out loud when Kirstie rescued an old mirror from a skip. 'As well as saving £40', she says, 'by recycling this mirror, I have also saved some of the Earth's precious resources', before hopping into her gas-guzzling four-wheel drive and whizzing back to her massive Aga-heated kitchen!

I'll be watching again for all the prettiness, but here's hoping the other episodes are a bit more clever!

Talking of Cath Kidston, in Tokyo I found a new Cath Kidston book aimed at the Japanese market. It's a gorgeous book, with lots of pictures of Ms Cath in her home, market-shopping, wrapping presents etc.

Although the text is in Japanese it's a really pretty book. Some of the styling is like a Japanese craft book.

And indeed there are several cute sewing patterns that I might attempt.

And it came with a free Cath Kidston floral tote, not bad for 1300 yen ($18).

And yet more Cath Kidston today - I just received my copy of EasyLiving (UK), and it has a free Cath make-up bag and a copy of her Summer catalogue. Lots of new goodies in here, I can feel a shopping spree coming on!


vanessa said...

Just wanted to drop in to say hi.G;ad you had a safe and happy trip.Iloved the sister's craft market that yo recommended in Melbourne,thanks.We also trained it out to Northcote but there seemed to be only a couple of shops open, still it was nice to go somewhere different.
I ordered the paris brocante book and a purse mirror and love them both...they arrived the same day as my asos parcel (oops!)..but I was sick in bed so didn't feel too guilty!
I get the Cath Kidston emails but never buy anything over the net as I find the postage too expensive...mostly I wait till a trip to the uk tho las time I only bought an oven glove and a bird tea cosy...wish it was cheaper! Dj's yesterday I spotted a few Cath Kidston totes..they were pricing the 30 quid oilcloth ones at $90!!!With the English price still attatched!!!

Vanesa (Newcastle :) )

AnastasiaC said...

oh i'll have to look out for this show - i really like Kirstie Allsop!
its nice to see Cath Kidston posing and being featured in her book instead of models...

angeltreats said...

Ooh, I hadn't even heard of this show but I'll definitely be watching it from now on! The Japanese Cath book looks lovely.

Ruth said...

Ha... you will laugh but in a later episode, after painting it, she actually ditches the mirror as it's too unflattering for her figure! I feel the show is more a stage for all her lovely coats than anything else although there is a trip round Burgh Castle Hotel and the home of Vanessa Arbuthnott still to come.

We (UK) had bedrooms with patchwork and yarn spinning and old textile buying this week. We are nearly finished with the garden episode next week. Nice idea but like you say, "make do an mend" doesn't really come across when she has spent hundreds of thousands on the builders and private lessons.

PS - how to quilt makers make money when it takes them 100 hours (as quoted) to make one quilt?!

Cass said...

How did I miss this show. I usually love Kirsty so need to watch it to check it out. Was it on Lifestyle? Off to check the programme guide now

Alison said...

I don't own a TV anymore (more time for sewing) but occasionally I see snippets and I hate the way it is dumbed down so much. But as you say the pretty bits are good to see.

Donna said...

I shall email you about the show Allison, I have some inside info for you ;-)

dottyspots said...

Hmmm, it annoys me for the same reasons...

I love looking through the Cath Kidston catalogue, my copy is currently under the laptop i'm typing on (on the sofa). Sometimes it's just nice to have eye-candy.

Kitschen Pink said...

HAHA! You did better than me. I like the knitted title shot but didn't get past that for anything after the first two episodes! Too trite, too condescending and kerching kerching went those cash registers!! t.x
(aga's aren't all bad! ours heats the whole ground floor, keeps the chill off of the bedrooms above and uses far less oil than central heating!)

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I can't believe the things you find out on Blogs! I've been looking out for this show but must have missed it! I'll have to check my guide as it must have been UK or Lifestyle?
Anyway, you have a lovely Blog here and I'll be back! xx