Friday, 22 May 2009

Setting the scene

The Daylesford Maker's Market 'team' has been up at the Town Hall this morning, scoping out what is to be our new indoor venue (yay! no more fly-away marquees or sunburn, boo, no more popping into the trash 'n treasure next door!).

The Town Hall is a gorgeous heritage building and is going to be a perfect setting for the June 6 market, I think. We plan to put the stalls all around the edges and the children's winter wonderland lounge in the middle.

We are also excited by the senior citizens room at the back which we'll turn into a cosy cafe, with the help of a group of local nannas. We're collecting all of our favourite vintage tablecloths and granny cushions to make it cheerful.

But it is pretty groovy already to be honest! Come along! Join the fun! Enjoy a day in the country! Saturday 6 June, 10am-3pm.


Donna said...

Looks like a gorgeous venue Allison. I wish I lived nearer!

Tinniegirl said...

Oh, I wish I could come on the 6th. Hopefully CurlyPops and I will take a road trip for the next one.