Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Steph and I spent a good part of today hanging wallpaper.

In the Lark office, which will shortly be turning back into my studio (hurrah!), we pasted up a 1960s pink flower-power wallpaper. It went up like a dream and looks super-pretty.

In the hallway between the office and our home, we are covering one wall with a lovely 1940s rosebud wallpaper. It is so beautiful, but unfortunately it is a total nightmare to hang and we were dealing with air bubbles, soggy paper, tearing and everything else that could go wrong. Watch this space, we are going to keep on trying tomorrow!


Swift Jan said...

Do tell, where do you find such lush wallpaper?

meglet said...

I *LOVE* wall paper! One day when I'm not a twenty-something renter I intend of have a vast variety of lush wall paper around my house!

kitty said...

It looks just delightful.

Jennifer Rose said...

ooh very pretty girly wall paper :)

(I hate putting up wallpaper. were painting next time. none of the walls in our flat are straight so hanging wallpaper is a pain)

three buttons said...

It looks delicious!! I hope it goes more smoothly (mind the pun) tomorrow!!

Guess What?!!! I've booked my ticket... I'm going to Japan :D

Tamara said...

The quality of wallpaper is something you never ever consider until you hang it. I have hung Laura Ashely wallpaper which is almost impossible.

It does all look lovely though!

maçã said...

Amazing wallpaper! I love it :D

the seventy tree said...

I love the pink wallpaper. Excellent choice! Recently found your blog through your shop and am very much enjoying following it. I have prepared a little Lark post with links to you if it's ok with you?
Have a very lovely day.