Sunday, 14 June 2009

Japanese advertising and packaging

Angela's reports from Japan have reminded me that I didn't finish the posts from my own trip last month. One of the things that I really loved about Japan was the way that packaging - for food, toys, clothes, whatever - was never dull. Everything seems to have a cute face, a big bright flower or at least some bold and pretty colours. Billboard advertising is really innovative and fun too. Here are some random photos I took on my travels - you might need to put your sunglasses on!


SewHum said...

No wonder I thought you were just in Japan. Enjoyed meeting you at the market yesterday - hope it went well

Kitschen Pink said...

What a feast! I'd never throw away any packaging. And I love that patchwork bag! t.x

tess said...

oh wow, sooo cute! Between yours and angela's blogs, I can't WAIT for japan now (i'm going in october). !!! it's my version of kitsch and cutesy heaven :)