Monday, 8 June 2009

Nana Print

This 'Nana' print fabric is the latest collaboration between Clothkits and UK design company Mini Moderns. I love the jigsaw idea!

Clothkits are featuring it on their simple to sew kits this season.

Skirt kits in sizes 8-20 for women.

And frocks for little girls age 1-9. Available in Australia through our Lark webshop.


danielle said...

oh i love that idea! the puzzle pieces are too cute! thanks : ) i'm off to the shop now to have a closer look : )

danielle said...

ps love that photo of Jimmy- he is gorgeous!

Tania said...

I just wanted to pop by and say how lovely the Daylesford Maker's Market was yesterday. You were swamped with buyers when I made my purchase and I had a tantrumming toddler in the background - otherwise I would have said the very same in person!

Kitschen Pink said...

whooosh! Did you hear that? It just whizzed right to the top of my 'really really want one NOW!" list. t.xx

Violet and Rose said...

Oh, how I love a Nanna Rose!

Can't wait to hear about and see some photos of the market. I would have loved to have made it up. I'm sure it was a huge success.

Joanne said...

Those nana's knew a thing or two about elegance!
The puzzle effect is so different. I imagine it in a tablecloth and visitors trying to pick up the pieces :-)