Thursday, 2 July 2009

Lovely magazines

Australian (and NZ) magazines are the loveliest and craftiest around, here are my current reads...


World Sweet World




Donna Hay


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Thanks for those, Allison. I picked up Frankie for the first time when you were starring. I've never seen Peppermint but it looks lovely. When it comes to Australian mags, I've been buying Notebook, Inside Out, Country Style. I still love the UK mags - in particular Red, British Vogue and Country Living. I buy so many magazines but I love them so much. I recently culled a massive amount and they went to our preschool. The teachers there were so pleased to get some decent magazines to read in their breaks. xx

Sheri Howard said...

Those truly do look like great magazines...those graphic design people, they know how to get a person! You could cut those covers off and hang them as wall art! So beautiful!

dorothybills said...

I have a bit of a magazine addiction! I already have the new Frankie and have just been online to purchase world sweet world and mixtapezine. I am actually very excited to receive these and of cousre when I pick up the new peppermint that is on hold for me! AAh help me I am jumping out of my seat in excitment about these purchases! I do live a long way from cities so this is my way of getting inspiration and find out what's going on, so thank you for sharing this info! Eleesa

Grace said...

Yeh :( Australian zines are the best for craft. I've got mixtape and i was going to buy Frankie in Boreders but i didn't have enough moeny so i went back the next day adnit was gone :(